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Privacy Notice

As far as we know, you are very concerned about the use and disclosure of your personal information. We are very grateful to you for your cautious and sensitive treatment of this issue. This statement will govern our privacy policy.
If you visit our website, this will be deemed your endorsement of this Privacy Policy.
Automatically collect information
 Every time you interact with us, we will receive, and deposit the specified information.
For example, like many other sites, we use "cookies". When your Internet browser accesses, we will collect some information. (Please refer to the samples presented at the end of this document for the information collection process) Many companies offer you the technology that can help you access the site anonymously. Although these conditions, we can not provide personalized experience on our site, your ID is unknown, we still have to remind the existence of these technologies.
E-mail communication
To help us make e-mail more useful and interesting, when messages are opened, we often receive an e-mail confirming that you have read the provided e-mail. (If your computer supports this feature) will also make a list of our customers, one for companies'in to avoid spam between comparisons.
Information from other sources: We may collect your information for other resources and add it to our customer database (please refer to the information collection process at the end of this document for a sample).

Cookies can be defined as a feature that includes the ability to read through our Internet browser on our computer's hard drive so our system will recognize your browser, alphabetical and numeric symbols during your visit to discriminate the performance characteristics and quantity in your shopping cart article.
Your browser's useful features toolbar will show you how to prevent your browser from installing new cookies and notify you to install a new cookie or completely disable cookies on your browser.

Resolve your issue If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will process your request or complaint and respond as soon as possible.
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